Women of Tomorrow

For the women of tomorrow on International Women's Day.

I’ve spent most of my life working with and teaching children, many of them little women. I have a million hopes for these brilliant girls and I’d like to share a few:

I hope you ride dirt bikes, play dress up, build forts and slay dragons.

I hope you learn math, science, art, language and never limit your genius because of your gender.

I hope when you grow up that you are paid equally for equal work.

I hope as you grow you can dress yourself as you wish without worrying how men will react to your clothing.

I hope you see strong women in the White House. Many women.

I hope you feel safe walking home from the bus stop on a sunny afternoon.

I hope you love and celebrate your body, never starving it or harming it in the pursuit of airbrushed “perfection”.

I hope you run barefoot in the mud, fall into puddles, and carelessly mess up your hair.

I hope the world is kinder to you than it has been to the women before you.

I hope you never have to say Me Too.

Devon Watson